Friday, October 22, 2010

My little loves!

I used the curved custom cutter tool around the kids & chair, made a copy of the shaded area, did the same around just the kids. Then I used the rubber stamp tool with blended color stamp selected of background layer, tinted it blue, aligned with the matching layer, adjusted opacity so the background showed through.
Then I added discover youth overlay5, apply 2 color gradient with blue and orange, rotated the overlay 37 degrees. Repeated rubber stamp with kids in chair layer, inverted color, selected purple color, hit apply, then I changed opacity, aligned with matching layer, added a heavy shadow to upper left. Added heavy shadow to upper left of kids layer. Then I added a blue frame from the Discover Power Palette, made it slightly opaque, align around heads, adjust size, made into a rubber stamp, tinted that brown, change opacity, offset from blue. Then I added a quote to finish it off. photo by Giraffe Photo



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