Monday, October 25, 2010

Memory Make Up Monday

So I am going to have a goal to scrapbook one page every Monday that I should have done a long time ago. This week I did a simple page with a picture from my son's 18 month photo shoot, (which was at more like 20 months I think...) I feel like there will be a second page to this spread with the rest of the pictures (or at least a few more) from the session.

For my background I used Cheerful School Additions Paper #4

For my photo mat I created a rectangle, colored it orange, applied the "torn" alpha gradient, then stretched the rectangle to distort the edge. Then, I made a copy of the rectangle, changed the size to be about 1/2" larger than the orange mat, then mirrored it about the vertical axis, and aligned it vertically and horizontally with the orange mat. I applied a slight 3-d edge to both mats.

I inserted a photo box to fit the mat.

Foe the stripe, I created a long thin rectangle the same orange, applied the "torn" alpha gradient, a 3-d edge, then offset it on the page so it looks like a painted stripe.

On the 18, I used the Best Buds fancy alpha. I used the magic wand to select the edges of the 1 and 8, made a copy of them, then applied a red color to the main 18 shape, then realigned and flattened the outline and the red layer together. I then applied a "carpet" surface to the 18, amplified to about 3.5.

Then I added my son's name in the font Goudy Stout, flattened it, and stretched it to fit in the orange area. Then I added the word "months" and "Christmas 2008" in Gill Sans Ultra Bold, and added to the layout.

Hope you enjoy the layout!

Until next time - Vanessa

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